33 Best History Research Paper Topics to Write About

Topic selection is a key determinant in your essay writing. poor topic selection may result in various issues down the line, compromising your overall performance. Unfortunately, the plethora of topics for history papers makes it hard to settle for one topic idea.

This article will tackle the steps to select a topic for a research paper about history and highlight some history topic ideas to inspire your selection. 

How to choose history paper topics

Selecting the first topic that crosses your sight is an approach bound to result in multiple struggles in the latter writing stages. It is crucial to put ample consideration in your topic selection to ensure the relevance of your topic to the general topic idea and to offer unique insight on your topic.

Some of the steps to consider during topic selection include:

  1. Perform preliminary research

After receiving your research paper assignment, gauge the general topic and use the keyword to locate various materials related to your general topic. Take time to familiarize yourself with the general topic while noting the key arguments within various sources you interact with. 

Also, revisit the guidelines offered in the research paper prompt to identify the scope of your assignment. This will guide you on the direction to take as you investigate your topic, ensuring that you select a relevant idea. 

  1. Gauge the emerging issues

After reading vastly on your topic, check for various current issues. These topics are often subject to little research, allowing you a vast range of unique arguments. 

These topics should thus guide you to possible topics for your paper, serving as inspiration for your brainstorming. 

  1. Narrow your focus

Often, tutors assign a general topic, leaving the onus of topic selection to the student. The general topic is broad and thus impossible to exhaust within the provided word count. 

Ideally, narrow your focus to a topic, within the general idea, that can be exhausted within the provided word count. A narrowed topic should have a defined audience, place, and duration and also a single issue to investigate.

  1. Perform extensive research

After focusing on a narrow topic, conduct further research to gauge the extent to which your idea has been investigated. You could use the sources you identified in your preliminary search as a starting point, checking the references for sources that are relevant to your narrowed topic. 

As you conduct your research, highlight the materials you intend to use in your literature review section to bring out various research gaps. 

  1. Develop an outline

The outline should be the final step in gauging your research topic. A history research paper outline allows you to check the completeness of your arguments, gauging sections that require additional research. 

The outline is also crucial to your writing as it helps you overcome conflicting ideas that could derail you from your arguments. 

Topic ideas for a history paper

Ancient history research paper topics

  1. The ascent to power of alexander the great 
  2. Rome's social classes 
  3. When did universities in the Middle Ages first appear? 
  4. When did the Han dynasty end? 
  5. Ancient Greece’s voting procedure 
  6. Talk about Taoism in Japan 
  7. The growth of important cities in Europe 

Easy history research paper topics

  1. Ancient Egyptian symbolism
  2. Ancient Egyptian views on immortality and death
  3. Women's position in ancient Britain
  4. The Julius Caesar dictatorship
  5. Scientific progress during the dark ages
  6. Medieval Europe’s urbanization rise: causes and consequences 
  7. NATO’s changing role in the global community 

Interesting history research paper topics

  1. Why did the masses adopt the Nazi ideology? 
  2. What did the Louisiana purchase cost France? 
  3. Things from African culture that we've stolen 
  4. How China’s one-child policy affects society 
  5. Why do monarchies continue to exist today?
  6. Mexican-American war 
  7. Alexander Hamilton, who was he? 

US history research paper topics

  1. Us entry into World War I 
  2. A Pearl Harbor attack
  3. American losses from World War II
  4. Modern naval evolution
  5. The effects of the civil war on the economy
  6. Effects of the stock market collapse

World history research paper topics

  1. Describe the south African period of apartheid
  2. Describe how great kingdoms came to be
  3. Why did the Russian revolution result in communism? 
  4. Describe the weapons employed by ancient civilizations
  5. The nuclear arms race and the opposition to nuclear power 
  6. What part did Eleanor Roosevelt play in American history? 

Final take

Choosing a research paper topic should not be a cause for stress. This guide should come in handy to guide you in topic selection and help you select a relevant idea. Feel free to reach out to our experts for support in selection and editing of your essay.